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Your Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join your walks?

Everyone! We are welcoming and inclusive, especially for those who have never walked in the hills before. 

We offer walks for new and experienced hill walkers and courses for people who want to navigate, or learn hill and mountain skills.    

People under the age of 18 are welcome provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children under the age of 13 are welcome subject to prior agreement.

We can arrange tailored accessible walks for people who use wheelchairs and scooters, or people who are less mobile  

Any queries? Just contact us to discuss your wishes.    

What types of walks and courses do you offer?

Here are some short descriptions with links to find out more: 

  • Guided Walks on hills moors, edges, tors, or mountains.
  • Fitness Walks with lots of ascent if you are planning a trek or getting fit.
  • Challenge Walks with higher distances for a ‘stride out’ adventure.
  • Family Walks with an interest or activity for younger children
  • Corporate Walks for well-bring, charity, team building, retreat or holiday companies. Or pre-celebration or pre-meeting walks linked to a local venue.
  • Hire a Guide Walks for individuals, groups or companies wanting a tailored experience. Or for family celebrations.
  • Navigation courses and workshops for beginner to more advanced navigators.

How easy or difficult are your walks?

We have walks for new and experienced hill walkers and can offer accessible walks too. On every booking page the walk’s difficulty is graded. 

Find out how are walks are graded here: Walk Difficulty

Do you offer walks for families?

Yes, we offer Family Walks for younger children accompanied by their parents or guardian. See our Family Walks.

Do people come on your walks alone?

Absolutely. If you are on your own, we’ll make sure you feel welcome – if you are new to Peak Walking Adventures we’ll take time to walk with you (if you wish) and answer any questions you may have.  Our groups are friendly and welcoming.

What are the age limits for your walks?

There is no upper age limit as long as you are well or fit enough to join one of our guided walks or accessible walks.

People under 18 are welcome provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children under the age of 13 are welcome subject to prior agreement.

Any queries? Just contact us to discuss your plans?

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, dogs are not usually allowed on our advertised guided walks*.

This need not apply however on a ‘Hire a Guide’ private guided walk, where dogs are welcome, provided they are kept under control and subject to the agreement of group members joining the walk. 

*We are keen to be accessible and inclusive, so if you have a trained assistance dog, please contact us and we’ll see if we can accommodate your wishes. 

What do I need to bring with me?

On every booking page we have a full kit list.  You can see it here:  What to Bring.

What’s included on my walk?

We have a ‘What’s Included’ list on every booking page.    

Do you provide accommodation?

No, we don’t provide accommodation or food but we like to help. So, on every booking page we have an accommodation link which shows a map with accommodation options.  On some pages we can suggest additional options for local accommodation.

I don’t have a car. Can you pick me up from my accommodation, train station or bus stop?

Where possible, we’ll be happy to offer a free, return lift from your accommodation, a station or bus stop to the start of your walk.  We want to encourage sustainable travel through the use of public transport.

We can only arrange this if we have spare space in our vehicle and the pick-up point is reasonably close to your walk.

Just contact us to discuss your wishes.

What do you do in bad weather?

We walk in all weathers unless the walk leader considers it is unsafe to do so. We reserve the right to change the itinerary or walking routes for safety reasons in poor weather and no refunds will be made if you decide not to walk due to weather conditions.

In the unlikely event we cancel your walk due to extreme weather conditions you will be offered either a full refund of monies paid, or transfer to another walk of the same or higher value. We will not be liable for any additional costs or expenses incurred.

What happens if I need to change my booking or cancel my walk?

What if I have a complaint?

We’d really like to hear your concerns and find a solution for you. Here is our procedure.

  • If you have a complaint about your guided walk on the day, please notify your walk leader and they will do their best to resolve the problem.
  • Should it not be possible to resolve the issue at that time, please put your complaint in writing by e-mail on, or call Richard Tower on 07913 549483, no later than 28 days after your walk.
  • Receipt of complaints will be acknowledged within 14 days. All complaints will be thoroughly investigated and you will be kept informed throughout the process.

What Qualifications do you have?

All our guides are qualified Mountain Leaders or Hill and Moorland Leaders. They have Outdoor First Aid Certification and full liability Insurance.

In addition, both Richard Tower and Rachel Bolton (Peak Walking Adventures’ Owners) are National Navigation Award Bronze/Silver Tutors and have a Level 2 Award in Mental Health First Aid.

You can find out more about Richard and Rachel and Peak Walking Adventures here: About Us

How do you support the environment?

We care deeply about the beautiful, natural environments in which we are fortunate enough to live, work, and share with you. You can find out more here:  Sustainability