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Mam Tor

The hill of Mam Tor stands at 1696ft / 517m, high above the village of Castleton in the heart of the Peak District. Known locally as the ‘Shivering Mountain’ due to its unstable shale and sandstone cliffs, Mam Tor offers stunning panoramic views in all directions.    

Mam Tor highlights

Here are some Mam Tor highlights, often included on our walks:


Cavedale is a hidden limestone gorge that lies behind Castleton Village. Carved over millions of years by the erosive forces of water and ice, Cavedale boasts towering limestone cliffs and lush greenery. The Dale’s name derives from its association with numerous caves that dot its rugged landscape.

Mam Tor Summit and The Great Ridge

Standing proud in the landscape, the summit of Mam Tor was once home and hill fort dwelling to Bronze Age families, potentially around 1200 BC. There may have been up to 100 wooden dwellings, with surrounding fortifications – you can still see evidence of the ditches as you approach. 

From Mam Tor, the Great Ridge stretches for approximately 2 miles / 3km – high above two valleys, the Vale of Edale and the Hope Valley.  The delightful ridge path passes the impressive cliff at Back Tor and reaches a final summit at Lose Hill. 

Along the ridge there are breathtaking views of the valleys below, with Kinder Scout, the Peak District’s highest plateau, dominating the northern skyline.

Hope Valley

The pretty village of Hope sits below Lose Hill in the Hope Valley. If you’ve walked Mam Tor and the Great Ridge it’s a lovely spot for a cuppa before you wind your way along the stream and meadow pathways, and back to Castleton with its traditional shops, pubs and cafes.


Below Mam Tor is the beautiful, historic village of Castleton:

Peveril Castle

Built by William Peveril, a trusted knight of William the Conqueror, in the 11th century, the castle’s strategic location affords commanding views of the surrounding landscape. Managed by English Heritage, the castle welcomes visitors to explore its atmospheric ruins, and impressive stone keep.


Castleton is renowned for its extensive network of caves and mines, associated with lead mining, and a rare semi-precious mineral called Blue John. They offer a fascinating glimpse into the region’s geological history and industrial heritage, making them must-visit attractions.

To find out more about activities around Castleton, you can drop into the main car park’s Visitor Centre.  Or there’s more information and things to do here >

Our Mam Tor guided walks

We are passionate about sharing our local knowledge of this beautiful area of in the Dark Peak. Here are some of our guided walks around Mam Tor:  

Local Guided Walks
Private Guided Walks or Corporate Walks
  • We can design and deliver a bespoke guided walk around Mam Tor and it’s surrounding countryside: Hire a Guide >

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