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Fitness Training Success Story – Mont Blanc

Climbing up Mont Blanc - Ewa's Trek Training Success Story

Our regular client, Ewa, travelled to the Alps to ascend Mont Blanc. Here are some facts about the mountain and ascent, Ewa’s story and her top tips for trekkers …

Mont Blanc

“Standing at 4807.81m (15774ft), Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco) is located on the French-Italian Border. It is the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe, and the eleventh highest peak in the world. The mountain owes its name to its perpetual snowfield and in French means “White Mountain.” The most popular route to the summit of Mont Blanc is the Gouter Route, which typically takes two days. The whole experience of climbing it, combined with mountaineering skills training and acclimatization, takes about seven days. Chamonix, located at the foot of Mont Blanc, hosted the first Winter Olympic Games in 1924 – the mountain is regarded by many as the birthplace of modern mountaineering. The Mont Blanc hiking trail is one of the most popular long-distance walks in Europe.

My Story – Ewa

After having successfully climbed Kilimanjaro, I really got into the Seven Summits of the World Challenge. The whole experience of getting together with a group of like-minded strangers and doing something way out of my comfort zone, really excited me. The feelings of elation and satisfaction I felt after completing the climb soon faded, and I felt somewhat empty within a few weeks of returning home from Tanzania. I needed to find another challenge, and climbing Mont Blanc seemed to be a logical step up after ‘Kili’.

I had done extensive research into the requirements to climb Mont Blanc and discovered that having a solid fitness level was ‘a must’. I had completed a number of challenge walks which, in addition to Pilates, really prepared me well for this epic Alpine adventure.

I felt I was suitably prepared and confident that I could do it. After a summer of uncertainty (as the mountain was closed down a couple of times due to inclement weather), the expedition went ahead and I embarked on a trip that happened to be a life-changing experience.

I am not going to lie – the summit day was definitely the most physically exhausting day of my life; however, thoroughly enjoyable. We managed to summit against all odds and the whole trip was truly one of the highlights of my life!”

Ewa on Mont Blanc Summit Trek Training Success Story
Ewa makes the summit!

Ewa’s Top Tips for Treking

  • Have a solid endurance fitness level and do lots of long-distance challenge walks in adverse weather conditions.
  • Triple check your kit list, as the one the travel company gives you may not be sufficient!  I was very pleased with my rented kit, even with the mountaineering boots I had to hire at the last minute (as my new ones I bought especially for this trip, apparently did not fit the criteria). The rented kit was excellent and reasonably priced. I only struggled to hire/buy googles that would fit, so suggest getting some of your lighter gear in advance.
  • Get some scrambling experience (even level one will do). I felt this gave me confidence, especially on the tricky, technical parts of the mountain.
  • Have a personal reason to climb the mountain and arrive with a confident attitude. Mountains teach you how to be humble, think of it as your personal challenge and not proving anything to anyone else.

Planning a Trek or Charity Challenge?

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