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The Bleaklow Dip Wells

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Volunteering For Moors For The Future

Peak Walking Adventures Guide, Rachel Bolton, becomes a volunteer member for Moors For The Future…

“Since I’ve been working as a walk guide in the Peak District National Park, I’ve been wanting to give my time to support the preservation of this unique landscape. When I was accepted as a volunteer for Moors For the Future, I was eager to get started on a project and so when the opportunity arose to measure the water table at a specific site on the Bleaklow Moors I signed up!

Every year the water table is measured via the dip wells in various locations on the Peak District moors. You can see in the photo this involves blowing into a plastic tube as it is lowered into the well. When the tube reaches the water, bubbling is heard and the resulting depth is recorded. This all seems very low tech but it gives surprisingly accurate data! This data is crucial to give information what is happening on the moors and if water is retained after key restoration work including dam building in the area.

The job is incredibly basic and repetitive but immensely satisfying and rewarding. the results showed that the water table is healthy and subsequently moss and other other plants are thriving in the area, one positive thing about all the rain we have recently had! ”

With thanks to Steven Delderfield from Moors for the Future for the instruction on the day.

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