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Fitness Training Success Story – Druk Path Bhutan

Druk Path Trek, Bhutan

Our regular clients, Ian and Lizzie, travelled to Bhutan for a trek. Here’s some facts, their story and their top tips for trekkers …

The Druk Path 

“The Druk Path trek takes in the most varied and beautiful sections of an ancient high-level mule trail which winds its way through the mountains between Bhutan’s two main towns of Paro and Thimphu.

The Druk Path follows a tremendously varied route through virgin forest, open yak pastures and along glorious high ridges. There is much cultural interest along the way – sacred mountain lakes, traditional settlements and monasteries.

Each day we trekked at over 3000m/9842ft and had the highest point at Simkota La to cross (4210m/13812ft), before our final descent to Bhutan’s capital ‘city,’ Thimphu.

En route, we enjoyed tremendous, panoramic views of snow-clad Himalayan peaks, and camped each night in picturesque locations.

Our Story

We are a ’50 and a bit’ couple who started trekking to get fitter a few years ago. We are now reaping the benefits of this as trekking lets you get much closer to the nature and the people of a country than you otherwise would. We started with UK charity treks and trained with Peak Walking Adventures to do those hikes – since then, we have progressed to trekking more extensively in the UK and abroad.”

View from Kinder Downfall, Kinder Scout Peak District
Lizzie and Ian training on Kinder Scout in the Peak District

Ian and Lizzie’s Top Tips for Trekking

  • Hydrate well at high altitudes, your wee should be light in colour!
  • Take Acetazolamide with you in case you need it for the effects of altitude, they can really help with insomnia and reduce headaches (arrange a private prescription from your GP).
  • Take a hot water bottle to fill in camp for warmth at night, it gets very cold at altitude.
  • Keep battery packs and phones inside the sleeping bag – the cold makes them lose their charge.
  • Never go without a roll of ‘Gaffer tape’ it can mend boots, poles, tents, anything really!

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